2022 Webinars Wrapped: Creative Resourcing & Culture Shifts

As the world settled into the new normal, brands were pressured to adapt quickly with the highs and lows of economic uncertainty. With a team rooted in the change business, Brainrider partnered with Henry Stewart to present resourcing trends for marketing teams looking to ride out the market shifts with flexibility and data-driven insights.


2023: Creative Resourcing During Economic Uncertainty

Dealing with fluctuating priorities in an uncertain market? You’re not alone. As marketers head into the new year in a recessionary environment, teams have been asked to do more with less.

Creative Director of Dandy, Phillip Chagoya, joined Brainrider Partner and CEO, Scott Armstrong to shed light on how to ride out the unpredictable economy with resourcing flexibility and continuous adjustments, rather than impetuous decisions that leave you scrambling to start up again as the market improves.

Watch the webinar for helpful strategies to see you through changing times and what to look for in partnerships that can plug into your workflows, and help you stay anchored in your goals, priorities and budgets.


The Culture Shift

In the “new normal” (aka “the normal for now”) we’re seeing a slow return to the office and a redefining of the workspace. As leaders we are having to navigate a shift in not only how we work, but how we work together, and in our culture overall.

In this panel, experts from both in-house and out-of-house creative agencies and photo studios discuss the shifting sands of culture and how to define, evolve, and grow as a collaborative, creative organization.

  • Moderator: Claire Carter-Ginn, Forecast
  • Panelists: Scott Armstrong, Brainrider
  • Hoon Kim, Airbnb
  • Colleen Moore, REI
  • Stacey Tyrell, Christie’s


People, Process & Technology: Finding Success Through Flexibility

Managing multiple freelancers can be unyielding, leaving teams frustrated and disconnected with more time spent juggling contracts and organizing projects. Working with flexible resourcing models, Brainrider has embraced opportunities to scale up and down with clients based on changing priorities and budgets.

Partner and CEO Scott Armstrong alongside Director of Production Kaneesha Serjue take an inside look at the pain-points, successes, and unexpected challenges of scaling marketing with a well-known global tech brand.


Managing Risk and Creative Resourcing in a Climate of Uncertainty

Brainrider Partner and CEO, Scott Armstrong shares insights from the field for navigating growth and transformation during a changing economy. Discover the tools to help teams stay the course during economic downturns and what to consider when the time comes to switch gears and adapt to new business opportunities.


Scott Armstrong headshotPartner & CEO, Scott Armstrong

Scott Armstrong has led marketing teams to deliver award-winning content for ambitious companies seeking flexible partnerships and trusted advisors. In 2010, he set out on a mission to become a service provider that honored great collaborations. Two decades later, Brainrider is a full-service agency partnering with growth companies around the world.