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You’ve been around the block. Share your experience with a global audience of marketing professionals as part of our Co-Rider creative ops thought leadership program.

Participate in webinars, roundtables, events and more to share your stories with others navigating growth and creative resourcing in the industry.

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Partner alongside Brainrider employees AKA ‘Riders for events that spark conversation and grow your network. Plus:

✔️ Access to industry-leading events and audiences.

✔️ Increased visibility, credibility, and exposure to creative leaders.

✔️ All-expenses paid sponsorship to join in-person events.

✔️ Exclusive high-quality swag.

Share your story!

Showcase your successes and learnings in virtual events, or take the stage and network IRL with other marketing masterminds.

Our virtual and in-person events are hosted alongside notable partners such as the Association of National Advertisers, Henry Stewart Creative Operations, In-House Agency Forum, and more.

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    Be a Panelist or Speaker

    Share your knowledge in webinars or in-person conferences. All expenses paid!

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    Join a Trusted Advisor Chat

    You’re the guest with CEO & Partner, Scott Armstrong to an exclusive audience of 120+ ‘Riders.

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    Be Featured in an Article

    Choose from written subject matter interviews, expert quote opportunities, and testimonials.

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– Past Brainwave –

Ryan Whitehead, Director of Product Marketing at Coinbase

Outsourcing Creative Execution with Maximum Visibility, Control & Flexibility
Facing less headcount, budget cuts, and bigger goals? Look at establishing smarter work streams, the benefits of making quarterly adjustments, and contingent workers vs. outsourcing.

– Past Henry Stewart Event Feature –

Phillip Chagoya, Creative Director at Dandy

2023: Creative Resourcing During Economic Uncertainty
Dealing with fluctuating priorities in an uncertain market? You’re not alone. Learn how to ride out the unpredictable economy with resourcing flexibility and continuous adjustments.