Case study: When business goals change for the better

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Flowing with Uncertainty

Pivoting into new markets, weathering a pandemic, or bobbing with the highs and lows of a fluctuating talent pool—it all comes with the territory of running a business. Is your marketing team set to roll with the punches?

Strong business leaders are able to flex and grow during good times and bad. Unfortunately, many companies fall short when faced with change. Poor planning, rigid structures, or lack of team buy-in can stunt your company’s growth, and set you back during times of uncertainty. If you prepare for change today, you’ll be able to ride out the storm tomorrow.

Staying strong through changing markets means adopting agile processes to make your company more flexible and responsive to unpredictable circumstances. Over the years, we’ve helped our clients sustain growth and profit during transition periods—and we’ve designed our flexible resourcing model to flow with you as your business evolves. Here’s a look at a few ways we’ve worked with clients to help them win during times of change.

“I have business goals to meet, and they sometimes change. It’s not personal, and I don’t like it when my agency doesn’t understand that and makes change difficult.” — Client sharing their previous pain points

How Our Clients Have Rolled with Change

So you’ve finalized your marketing budget for the year and have your projects and rockstar team lined up. You’re in your zone and ready to crush it. Then, things change. And you’re left scrambling. Perhaps projects have stalled, budgets were cut, and you’ve overhired. Or maybe you’re trying to run a lean team, but at the same time, have ambitious goals to jump on a market opportunity that needs more hands on deck. Before you go on a hiring or cutting spree, consider relying on an agency partner that can scale up or down with your needs.

Here are two client case studies that illustrate how we’ve worked with our clients to win at change:

Case study: The need to scale

Our client, a leading transportation provider in North America, came to us when they were going through a period of growth and change due to market conditions. They had more creative work to tackle than people to tackle it, and needed a way to remove project bottlenecks and produce a high volume of digital marketing materials that matched their brand.

By using Brainrider’s pay-as-you-use model, they were able to “test and see” if our creative team had the right skills and pace to meet their growing project demands. Using this cost-effective model, they only paid for the resources they used, without making long-term resourcing commitments that didn’t yet suit their business.

As business momentum picked up, a higher volume of projects followed. Knowing they could count on us to continually deliver high-quality work that matched their brand, our client adopted a reserved capacity model that helped them prepare for change. Not only could they ensure everyone who touched their projects understood their unique tone and look and feel, but it also removed the need for the client to understand capacity requirements with fluctuating workloads (and the stress that came with it).

Case study: All hands on deck

Sometimes, companies scale at a steady pace. Other times, they need to hop on a one-off opportunity to take advantage of a hot market. This was the case for one of our global-scale clients in the technology and financial space.

Their in-house marketing team consistently relied on a few of our creative resources each month using our reserved capacity model. However, when a market opportunity arose, our client came to us with an urgent ask to create a bulk number of marketing materials requiring quick content and design work.

By plugging into our pay-as-you-use model, our client readily expanded their creative resource pool, without going through the lengthy process of hiring new talent or external freelancers. We swiftly onboarded multiple team members to meet our client’s bespoke request on time—from the outside world the additional project was coming from the same brand. By combining our two business models, we were able to save our client costs, and ensure they only paid for the resources they used.

Become a seasoned change master and scale your business

Workload predictions are often at the mercy of forces far beyond your control. To prepare for change, it’s important to build flexibility directly into your processes. If your business goes through periods of change and economic uncertainty, it can be worthwhile to leverage an experienced agency partner that understands the change business like you do.

At Brainrider, we’re no stranger to change. Our agency itself has been evolving, both at a small and larger scale for over 12 years. Being adaptable is a part of our DNA, and we’ve implemented methods of flexibility into our business model to make change feel more natural for our clients. Our flexible resourcing model was designed with your changing business needs in mind. By leveraging any one (or a mix of all three) of our business models, we’ve found that in-house teams have room to focus on additional projects, and plug in to our capacity and resources, just as if your in-house team was doing it.

Whether you need to tackle a one-off project, have a fluctuating number of projects each month, or want to work side-by-side with an embedded team member, we have the option for you. Take our quiz to find out which model best fits your needs.

Alison Drainie
Alison Drainie
Content Manager at Brainrider
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