The Flex Model


Our people. Your extended team.

Every team and business goal is unique — we built our flexible resourcing or Flex Model with this in mind. Need support on a single project? Maybe you need reserved and guaranteed capacity? Or a fully-embedded team of people? A mix of all three? We’ll help you determine what your extended team looks like.

Pay-as-you-use Capacity 

If you’ve worked with a marketing agency or creative studio before, you’ll likely recognize this model. We’ll assemble your team based on a project defined by time and materials, or deliverables.

When you need:

  • Less than 120 hours per month and/or less than three months of a specific skill set
  • Specific projects to be completed
  • Only pay for the resources you use

Great for:

  • Short-term projects 
  • Unpredictable workstreams
FlexModel Pay-as-you-use Capacity illustration

Reserved Capacity

Sometimes you need to tackle more than just a few projects. You can reserve guaranteed time and skillsets of experienced team members and build the on-demand extension of your marketing and creative team. 

When you need:

  • More than 120 hours per month of a specific skill set on an ongoing basis
  • Capacity on standby for your projects

Great for:

  • Fast delivery timelines
  • Flexibility of requests
  • Predictable and defined costs
  • 100% priority and on-demand support
Reserved Capacity illustration

Embedded People

Working side-by-side with you, embedded team members become a natural extension of your team, fully immersing themselves in your business and following your processes.

This is a great option when filling an ongoing capability or capacity gap on your team that’s highly collaborative.

When you need:

  • Brainrider people 100% committed to your business for at least six months
  • Work in your internal tools, systems and processes
  • Direct collaboration and workload management with our team members

Great for:

  • Full and seamless immersion in your team
  • Complete access to internal tools
  • Faster delivery timelines
  • Flexibility of requests
  • Predictable and defined budget
  • 100% priority and on-demand support
FlexModel – Dedicated & Embedded People illustration

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