About Us

We were built on the belief that, with trust and partnership, it’s possible to create a sustainable agency where we do amazing work and do it with people we want to spend time with.

When you work with ‘Riders, “we ride together” — your business becomes ours and our team becomes yours.

What We Do

Brainrider is a people-first marketing and creative agency. We help ambitious marketing teams do more, and do it better, by filling capacity and capability gaps with kind, creative people who get them and their business.

When you’re awash in projects and need more people than you can hire to get it all done, we’re here to help you achieve the seemingly unachievable.

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How We Do It

Our Flexible Resourcing Model was created to help marketers design and assemble their own unique extended team — with all the flexibility you need, and the talent and creativity you want. Looking for pay-as-you-use support, reserved and guaranteed capacity, or fully-embedded teammates (maybe a mix of all three)? No problem, we’ll help you create it.

  • Pay-as-you-use Capacity

    Pay-as-you-use Capacity is based on a project defined by time and materials, or deliverables. Only pay for the projects you need and the resources you use. 

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  • Reserved Capacity

    Reserved Capacity is the on-demand extension of your team, guaranteeing time and skillsets of experienced team members for you and your business.

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  • Embedded People

    Embedded team members are fully immersed in your business. They work side-by-side with you, follow your processes, and have access to your tools.

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How It All Started

You can tell a lot about who we are from how we started: an honest conversation over drinks.

Back in 2009, Nolin LeChasseur hired Scott Armstrong’s agency for marketing support. It was a successful partnership but Nolin and his team still needed more support.

While Scott’s agency was able to provide some of the capabilities, what Nolin’s company really needed was one agency to help plan and execute all of its B2B marketing.

At the time, an agency like that didn’t exist. So one afternoon over lunch, on the back of a napkin, they dreamed up their own, creating the blueprints for Brainrider.

We officially launched in January 2010, and have been riding together ever since.

Brainrider, Today

A tight-knit global team across two continents.

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