Are You Partnering with the Right Digital Marketing Agency?

Navigating gaps, growth, and more together

Is your company a rapidly growing business? Does your team have an expanding list of creative ideas that you need help executing on? Is your business growing faster than your in-house team can handle? Growth and change are exciting, but often they can feel overwhelming and stressful.

Relying on outsourcing services can often feel disjointed, especially if you’re working with outsiders who only have a surface-level understanding of your organization, values, and objectives.

That’s where Brainrider comes in—when you work with our team, our motto is “ride together”—meaning we’re right with you through rapid growth, changing times, and various challenges. Our priority is about making sure you have the right people that can act fast, and add value as an extension of your team. The emphasis we place on collaborative support extends to all the different types of businesses we serve.

Collaborating with a wide range of businesses

We work with all sorts of clients—from established brands looking for content and creative services to startups that need short-term or one-off project support. Brainrider will make sure that you have the right people on your side. Collaborating with Brainrider also means working with our producers, creatives, and digital marketing experts for an agency partner that fits your needs.

How our values help your business

When we start a relationship with a new client, we’re all ears and focused on understanding your challenges and goals. From that commitment and collaboration comes strong, long-lasting relationships.

For over a decade, we’ve worked closely with unique clients to create incredible work—and although no two projects have been exactly the same, our clients keep coming back because of the value we bring:

Flexibility for scaling up or scaling back on agency resources
Customizable services to create tailored solutions
Support for your teams navigating growth and change

Flexibility with a digital marketing agency

Navigating change is what the world of business is all about. That’s why we emphasize flexibility when it comes to solutions for our clients.

Sometimes things speed up due to factors like budget and seasonal profit fluctuations, and you need more hands on deck. At other times, you might have to take a step back. We know that your business’ ability to respond to challenging and ever-evolving circumstances is crucial.

Working with you to adapt to whatever changes come your way is one of our top priorities.

To help you meet challenges confidently, Brainrider offers a flexible resourcing model with three customizable options:

1. Pay-as-you-use

If you’re dealing with unpredictable work streams, this is the model for you. The pay-as-you-use option ensures that you only pay for the resources you use. With this model, we’ll put together a team for you based on your projects and timelines.

2. Reserved studio capacity

This model is ideal for businesses that require more than 120 hours per month of a specific skill set on an ongoing basis. Keeping your volume of work in mind, we’ll keep capacity on standby for your projects. That means 100% priority and on-demand support with predictable and defined costs.

3.Embedded people

Brainrider will always feel like an extension of your team no matter which model you choose. But the embedded option is where you’ll get Brainrider employees that are 100% dedicated to your business for at least six months. This set-up is ideal if you have a defined budget, flexible project requests, and require faster delivery times.

Selecting the right services and options

Not sure which option works best for your business? We’re here to help. Even if you don’t see your ideal fit listed above, get in touch to chat about our customized solutions. Through flexible resourcing, our clients have accomplished their business goals while scaling both up and down as their needs and resources change.

Brainrider offers customized solutions, allowing you to combine the bits and pieces you need in the way that works best for your workstream. Did we mention that we’re also big on flexibility? If you need more resources or faster turnaround times at certain times, and a small team to work on lighter projects at other times, we’ve got you covered.

Flexible resourcing models in action

Take a look at the stories below to see how our flexible resourcing model and services are helping our clients thrive. From capacity gaps to unforeseen market changes, these companies have collaborated with us to overcome challenges and come out on top.

Case study: Supporting bold business objectives

A leading national shipping company found a content partner in Brainrider. We collaborate with them on creative and strategic initiatives from SEO content to account-based marketing campaigns.

With the pay-as-you-use model, this client relies on Brainrider to help build up their resource center content library and move up the SEO ranks—a long-term objective of theirs. With our flexible resourcing model, they only pay for the resources used on each project—allowing them to move nimbly and make the most of their marketing budget.

Case study: Embedded resources for high volume and quick turnaround

The pay-as-you-use model also works for fast-growing companies. In early 2020, one of the largest online grocery businesses was experiencing rapid growth. This meant they had a high volume of projects and they needed more creatives on their extended team.

They were able to work with Brainrider on a project-by-project basis and later scaled up to better meet their growing marketing, production, and creative needs. Over time, this client switched to the embedded model so they could consistently have Brainrider’s support on over 20 projects per month. This model also allowed for even quicker turnarounds.

Case study: Working through changing times

Selecting the right model for your business is all about your goals and the problems you need to solve. With fast growth and a growing volume of creative projects, our client, a leading transportation service provider, knew they needed a digital marketing agency that would provide reliable support.

The client also recognized that their workloads could change. With that in mind, this company was seeking a digital marketing agency partner that would let them scale up or down. They found that partner in Brainrider and collaborated to come up with a solution that was cost effective and met their needs.

The company started out with the pay-as-you-use model for flexibility. They ultimately graduated to an embedded model to accommodate a consistently high volume of projects and quick turnaround.

Case study: Short-term projects with lasting results

The startup life moves at a rapid pace and scalability is a common challenge. We collaborated with a growing SaaS accounting company that serves small and medium-sized business owners. They were seeking a scalable way to handle a large volume of client data.

The Brainrider team collaborated with this client to improve their segmentation and opt-in processes.

With over 11,000 prospects in their database, they were successful at garnering new prospects. However, they needed help improving their B2B buyer journey experience. The changes they were able to make with Brainrider’s services in digital marketing, strategy, and planning allowed them to categorize those leads and get them on the right path to conversion.

Through our pay-as-you-use model, this SaaS startup got the team and the help they needed for the quick, short-term projects they were focused on. The result was an approximately 10% increase in the company’s B2B email open rates.

Case study: MarTech support on a global scale

Since the Brainrider team spans a range of time zones, we’re able to help clients with global audiences and global needs. A global communications company that serves customers in over 130 countries currently uses our embedded model.

Our UK-based Brainriders support this business in various locations, including their APAC business. This flexible resourcing model option ensures this client has Brainrider employees who are 100% dedicated to their business on hand and in the time zones that work for them. These embedded team members act as on-demand support for this client, which is especially well suited for a company that requires a global team.

Case study: Reaching a bilingual customer base

With both French and English service offerings, Brainrider was able to support our Quebec-based client, a telecommunications and media company, providing Internet, TV, and telephone services in Ontario and Québec.

They needed to engage customers and prospects in both French and English. Brainrider listened to this provider’s concerns and requirements. Today, they work with Brainrider using the pay-as-you-use model and collaborate closely with expert Québec-based copywriting talent. This allows the company to reach their large French-speaking audience in a way that’s specific to Québec and enhances the B2B buyer journey.

Let’s get started

As a digital marketing agency partner, we’re here to support you. As you can see, our current clients span a range of business types and needs. Flexibility and a focus on people are key to continued success and flourishing relationships with clients.

Whether you’re facing tight timelines, dealing with unpredictable work streams or need to temporarily extend your creative and marketing teams to meet your business goals, we have the model for you.

Let’s find out what Brainrider can do for you and your team. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Written by Samantha Blackwood, Intermediate Content Specialist at Brainrider

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Every team and business goal is unique — we built our flexible resourcing model with this in mind. Need support on a single project? Maybe you need reserved and guaranteed capacity? Or a fully-embedded team of people? A mix of all three? We’ll help you determine what your extended team looks like.