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Partner & CEO at Brainrider

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Preserving flexibility through 2024

You’ve managed to stay nimble during an unpredictable market, but how do we preserve flexibility throughout 2024?
Brainrider CEO, Scott Armstrong, shares insights to help teams stay agile throughout the year.
With the new year approaching, creative resourcing and operations teams look to more ad-hoc planning and solution making. Learn how strategic planning around resourcing can help you stay flexible and keep business stable, matching resources to budget and scaling work based on quarterly goals.

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Optimize Your Resourcing Mix for Maximum Efficiency 
Looking to build and manage a more strategic and flexible resourcing pool? Catch this discussion on how they’re navigating efficiency with bigger goals and leaner in-house teams.


Ryan Whitehead, Director of Product Marketing, Coinbase

Outsourcing Creative Execution with Maximum Visibility, Control & Flexibility
Facing less headcount, budget cuts, and bigger goals? Look at establishing smarter work streams, the benefits of making quarterly adjustments, and contingent workers vs. outsourcing.

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    For more than two decades, Scott Armstrong has led teams to deliver award-winning marketing for ambitious companies seeking flexible partnerships and trusted advisors. In 2010, he set out on a mission to create a better marketing agency, providing deeper client collaborations and more client value. 150+ ‘Riders later, Brainrider partners with high-growth companies to fill capacity and capability gaps with a flexible resourcing model that scales up (or down) based on client workloads.